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At Greenfields Primary School & Nursery, we use an online payment system to enable parents to pay for school dinners, trips, music lessons, clubs and more. 

ParentPay is a secure payment system which is used to streamline the payment processes and to remove all cash and cheques from our school.  

On your child’s first day at Greenfields, a letter will be issued detailing how to log on to ParentPay and activate your account. If you have more than one child at Greenfields, you will only need to create one account to manage all payments.

What can you do with ParentPay? 

School Dinners – View our school dinner menu and check dietary and nutritional information. Meals must be ordered a week in advance by midnight on the Tuesday of the previous week. If your child is entitled to free school dinners then a main meal choice will automatically be ordered unless an alternative meal choice is made through ParentPay.

Trips – Pay for school trips through ParentPay. We will send out invitations to you via the app; where you can respond with your parental consent and provide medical information.

Clubs – You’ll receive advanced notification of clubs, so you can secure a place for your child, book and pay early.  

If you would like any further assistance with using ParentPay, please do contact the school office or email 

You can find out more about ParentPay by visiting