Bollywood Days 2017

As part of our Artsmark award development, we held two Bollywood theme days at the end of the summer term. The aim of this was to celebrate culture, art and happiness amongst our school.


Here is our Bollywood day diary...


Day 1 

During the first day we had an assembly, where we learnt about the festival of Holi and how Bollywood is such a big celebration. We had a guest dancer talk to us about some key facts which was really interesting.

Everyone had come to school dressed in Bollywood style clothing and it was amazing to see how everyone had made a great effort! The hall was full of various colours and beautiful saris. 

We found out that we were going to be having a Bollywood festival on our second day. However, this was not planned already for us. Each class had to decide what we wanted to do with and spend a day designing it. Some of our ideas were: Bollywood sweets, tattoos and jewellery, nail art, Indian art, hanging elephants, food, creative art projects, flower garlands and headbands as well as many more. We were all so excited to spend the day designing and planning for our stalls.

During this day, each class took part in a 45 minute dance workshop, as well as creating chalk rangoli patterns on the playground. We then decorated our plain white t-shirts for our colour run which was taking place the next day.

Day 2

The staff arrived extra early at school to set up the festival on the field and put out all of the stalls. A bouncy castle even arrived! However, there was a HUGE downpour of rain so we had to move the festival inside to the hall. Greenfields festival continued and everyone was still very excited. It was absolutely beautiful and the hall was full of happiness and exciting stalls.

KS1 and KS2 both came and spent money on the stalls; some of the KS2 boys even had their nails painted! We listened to Bollywood music and all classes still got a turn on the bouncy castle. Due to the bad weather, we postponed the colour run until the final day of term. This meant that we got an EXTRA Bollywood day so everyone was even more excited. 

Day 3

The final day of term arrived and so did the colour run! In the afternoon, everyone went onto the field where Bollywood music was playing and an obstacle course was set up ready for us to take part in a colour run. This happens in Bollywood films and during the Holi festival so we wanted to represent this at Greenfields too.

Each class took part in running two laps of the obstacle course, parents came to watch (and take part!), teachers threw paint and everyone was happy. It was a great atmosphere and a great way to end another successful year at Greenfields. Fun, happiness and a lot of powder paint!

Not only that, we even raised over £700 for the DRET Inspirational Fund as our colour run was sponsored. A special mention to Rhea Lewis who raised £70 sponsor money – WOW! 

Watch this space as we continue to move forwards with our Artsmark development to hopefully receiving our award this year!