British Science Week 2019

Last week was British Science Week and at Greenfields we went crazy about science. The theme for the week was ‘transport’ and the whole school were getting up to a range of activities themed on different modes of transport. 





Dr Appleby visits Greenfields

On Monday, Dr Appleby - Mrs Appleby’s father - visited Greenfields! He is a Doctor of Engineering and came to do a workshop with each class about what is involved in   engineering. He was amazed by all the in depth questions that the children had for him. Quote of the day from a child in Year 3 was: “I can’t wait to be an engineer.”

Lego Robotics

A group of children from across the school got to attend a LEGO robotics workshop on Monday. They made some amazing models using a motor to give them movement. Key Stage 2  children made a Mars lunar rover and Key Stage 1 children made a speedy car to link with their transport theme this week. They loved using the technology and imaginations to come up with some great designs. 

Curious About Cranes

Year Two were looking at Cranes last week as their form of transport. To aid their learning, they took a trip to Sir Robert McApine to learn about the engineering of cranes. The children learnt a lot and every child even got their own toy truck to take home!

Real Life Rollercoasters

For their transport topic, Year Six have were learning about and making rollercoasters. On Wednesday, they took a trip to Wicksteed Park to look at how the different rollercoasters are made and to have a talk with one of the workers about how they function. They then headed back to school to make junk modelling rollercoasters.

The challenge is on!

On Thursday morning, a group of children and their families had a go at a STEM challenge workshop. They started with a competition to see who could build the tallest tower using only mini-marshmallows and spaghetti. They then had a go at building a bridge for toy cars to be able to cross. Miss Wibberley was so impressed at the designs and engineering that went into each and every bridge. Mrs Appleby and Mrs Tyrrell-Smith had such a difficult time choosing the winners! Well done to everyone who took part.