Crazy Campers!

Over the past two weeks, Year 2 embarked on their first ever camping trips, and what an adventure both classes had!

Once the children arrived at the campsite they got into their tents and unpacked (some better than others). After having lunch they set off on an exciting trailer ride to the farm. 

At the farm the children went pond dipping, got up close and personal to a variety of animals including, a very noisy donkey, and finally collected lots of different eggs from all sorts of different birds.

Back at the camp they had a yummy BBQ dinner and played some games and sang some songs with Mrs Tyrrell-Smith.  At this point Miss Kenny and Miss Blackstock were hopeful that the children were settling down,  but no, they got a second, third and fourth wind and were still running around  at 11.00pm! Children were still chatting away at 3 o'clock in morning. 

Did they have a lie in? Of course they didn't! The children were up and full of beans at 5.30am. Following that they went for a lovely country walk, had a water fight and played hide and seek in the long grass, before a long and sleepy journey back to school.

A great time had by all!