Dinosaur Encounter!

Year 1 were lucky enough to have some dinosaurs visit them in school on Tuesday!

The children started their day being palaeontologists and learned how to excavate some prehistoric dinosaur fossils using paintbrushes to brush off the sand. They had to research what they had found which included a skull, an egg and even some claws!

In the afternoon, they had two very special visitors. First they were introduced to a baby dinosaur called Tom who they got to stroke.

Then they were totally amazed when a gigantic T-Rex stomped into the hall! They could not believe their eyes. The children named her Matilda and each got to meet her. Although she has very sharp teeth, she was a very friendly dinosaur!

Year 1 decided that the rest of the school should see her so they invited them to a big assembly at the end of the day so they could show her off. 

What a dino-rific day!