DRET Dance Festival 2018

After a much anticipated and excited wait, the dance troupe finally performed their incredible piece to an audience of over 400 people at the Corby Cube on Friday 29th June. It was complete with glittery costumes, expert lighting and rhythm-popping music. 

14 DRET schools performed at the festival and all did a phenomenal job. It was fantastic for the children to be performing alongside one another and learning from each other.

The Greenfields children absolutely wowed the audience, full of staff and parents, with their powerful moves and gymnastics, even impressing the professional dancers who told them that they brought so much character and fun to the performance that they had wanted to join in! 

Troupe Greenfields all had a fantastic time, laughing the whole day - it is certainly an experience they won't forget.

Miss Roy, their dance teacher, is extremely proud of them. Each and every one is a star. Mrs Appleby and Miss Andrews also watched the performance and they could not believe the talent that the children showcased. 

Some quotes from the children after the performance:

"When my Mum watched us she had happy tears!"

"I was so nervous to perform in front of everyone, but as soon as it was finished I wanted to do it again!"