Influential Americans

Year 6 this term are focussing on American history for their main topic. To kick this off, they had an amazing American themed day last Monday.

They started the day by heading onto the school field to play baseball. Most children had not played baseball before so it was a little difficult differentiating between baseball and rounders, but the children soon got their heads around it and had a fantastic game. Well done to Team 1 who won 17:11.

This was followed by the children learning about how the country of America is run. After learning the basics about America’s constitution, the children learn all about two of America’s most famous presidents: Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln. The year group split into two teams to research the two presidents and then have a debate on who was a better president. Both groups had excellent arguments but the team who supported Abraham Lincoln won!

To finish off the day, Year 6 learnt about some typical American food which made them feel rather peckish. They then were lucky enough to make their own smores to eat. They were delicious!