Ladybirds at the Library

This week Ladybirds have been out of school on a mini adventure.  

Their topic has been transport this term so they put on their coats and headed out into the cold to catch the bus to the library.  It was a bit chilly waiting at the bus stop but they were all super excited so didn’t mind. 

While they waited they counted the cars, saw the postman and talked about what they might see.  They knew that to get on the bus they would have to buy tickets from the driver and that to stay safe they needed to stay in their seats.  

The bus was busy when it arrived but they all found a seat and were off.  They chatted with the adults about all the different things they went past. Some of the children were even able to explain where they lived from the things they recognised.   

They arrived in town and used the pelican crossing to safely cross the road. They knew that they have to wait for the green man! 

They arrived at the library and had a great time exploring all the books, joined in with rhyme time and even learnt some Spanish! 

Ladybirds loved visiting the library and can’t wait for their parents to take them back so that they can borrow some books to read at home.