Malvern Masterpiece!

For the first time ever this year, Greenfields Primary School took part in the RHS Malvern Spring Festival! 

The incredible gardening gang who have been working on this project include Mrs Tyrrell-Smith, Mrs Spencer, Mrs Lucia, and 9 pupil gardeners; Kai, Evie, Olivia, Tatiana, Kayden, Rose, Lea, Skye and Daisy.

The planning all began on Apprentice Day when the children started designing the garden. The garden was designed by Year 6 pupil, Lea, to the theme of 'A Very British Tea Party (with a twist!)'

For two weeks, the gardening gang daily travelled the long 90 mile journey to build, plant and exhibit the garden. 

Judging day finally came round last Wednesday, when the garden was viewed by the judges and the children were able to talk about the ideas behind their garden masterpiece and how they created it. 

On VIP day on Thursday, the results were annouced. The Greenfields Garden was awarded with a Merit! The hard work really paid off. 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday was then show weekend, when the Three Counties Showground was flooded with members of the public who could all view the incredible Greenfields Garden. 

Mrs Tyrrell-Smith and her team spent the weekend showing off their garden, doing radio interviews, talking to VIPs about their creation, and of course enjoying all of the other fantastic gardens spread across the showground. 

Now that the festival is over, the garden will be rebuild within the school grounds. Keep a look out when you are visiting Greenfields to see if you can spot the garden being formed.