National Poetry Day Making a Difference.

Wow! Miss Kenny and Mrs Holdcroft led an incredibly thought provoking and poignant assembly yesterday to kick off Black History Month in conjunction with National Poetry Day.

They shared the stories of several black people who have helped to change the world since the days of segregation and slavery. Rosa Parks, Martin Luther-King, Maya Angelou, Barak Obama to name a few! At Greenfields, we know that we can achieve anything we put our minds to- but these people gave us goose bumps as they really did have the odds stacked up against them. Their courage and determination knocked our socks off.

We went back to our classes fired up with ideas for our whole school poetry competition- look out for some great performances on Twitter!

This is Super Sharks this morning, being the seats on Rosa Park's bus. We were appalled at her being sent to sit at the back simply for being black and performed a poem to show this with incredible power, demonstrating just how seriously we take this.

 Thank God times have changed since then. Thank goodness for people like Rosa Parks and thank heavens for Black History Month- a time to not only ensure that history does not repeat itself, but also to celebrate this and the wonderful, courageous people who helped make that change. Miss M's favourite saying- 'If you don't make a change, nothing will change'.  Very true.