An Olympic gymnast at Greenfields!

The whole school was very excited on Friday morning, as we had a visit from Olympic gymnast, Kristian Thomas.

Kristian began learning gymnastics at the very young age of 5! He told the children in assembly that the first thing he learnt was a forward roll. As Kristian continued with gymnastics, his passion for it grew and he began competing with his local club. At the age of 17 he picked up his first senior medal at the Commonwealth Games with Team Bronze. In 2012, Kristian began competing in the Olympics.

Kristian told us that he has now secured 100 medals in total, including the Bronze medal which he showed to all the children during assembly, which they gazed at in awe!

Kristian's day at Greenfields began with him amazing everyone with his skills during assembly. Mrs Appleby saw her life flash before her eyes as Kristian tackled the daring challenge of leaping over five children and her! Kristian said he had never successfully leapt over six people before, however he managed it and made a new record for himself.

After assembly, Krsitian delivered a gymnastics master class with each year group. He also had a VIP lunch with some of Greenfields sportiest children.

What a mind-blowing day it was. The children of Greenfields are now feeling very inspired to reach for the stars and pursue their dream.