The Power of Prayer & Positivity

On Tuesday the wonderful Wendy Scales came to Greenfields to lead an assembly all about the power of prayer and the power of positivity.

She brought Henry with her, who made everyone laugh with his funny accents and his funny ideas about how to pray! She taught the children that there are three different prayers: a sorry prayer, a thank you prayer and an asking prayer.

Wendy then told a story about a man whose legs didn't work. He was very grumpy! This made his four best friends grumpy too! In the end, he realised and said a sorry prayer and Jesus gave him a second chance.

The assembly ended with a prayer, or a reflection, and everyone reminded themselves that the smile you send out will come back to you!

If you are grumpy, the grumpiness will come back to you too! So, don't be a grumpy chops, smile!