Super Safari

On a rainy Monday morning last week, Year 4 went to Woburn Safari Park.

Firstly, they drove around the park to see the wonderful animals. Some of the children’s favourite animals were the wolves and the giraffe who tried to stay dry and out of the rain. Suddenly, as they were driving through the monkey enclosure, some cheeky monkeys started doing acrobatics over Mr Evans’ bus.

After lunch they watched the sea-lion show. The sea-lion could wave and hold its body on it's front flippers! Their names were Scrat and Kiera and they were mother and daughter.

After the bus ride, the children took a walk and saw a real Red Panda. Amazingly, there were farm animals too and they got to stroke some goats!  They all loved playing in the indoor play area and went on really tall drop slides and were really brave! There were swings and jumping mats to play on.  It was a spectacular day.