Supporting Sport Relief

As part of supporting Sport Relief Week last week, we held two very exciting events - Pay to Play and Walk a Mile.

Our first event was ‘Pay to Play’ on Thursday and each child donated 50p to charity for participating. Each child was able to choose a sport from a variety of choices, including Hockey, Football, Gymnastics, Yoga and Cricket. Everyone has so much fun and learnt some new skills in the sport that they chose.

If you enjoyed your sports session, keep your eyes peeled when the next clubs list comes out for next term and see if your favourite sport is on offer! 

Our other event was 'Walk a Mile' on Friday afternoon when parents and carers were invited into school to walk, skip or run a mile with their child. This was a sponsored event to raise more money for Sport Relief. We had a great turn out and it was fabulous to see everyone putting in 110% effort and doing the full mile. 

Thank you to everyone who was involved with our Sport Relief Week. You have raised over £370! 

Pay to Play:

Walk a Mile: