Thank You FROGS

Thank you to everyone for supporting the Christmas Fair – as with every Friends and Relations of Greenfields School (FROGS) event, it was well supported by the school community and enjoyed by all. 

A grand total of £800 was raised at the Christmas Fair and this has been added to the DRET Inspiration Fund, which is the Trust’s Fund which enables more of the fantastic enrichment opportunities that children at Greenfields benefit from and enjoy.

You may also know that the current FROGS committee have announced that this was the last event they would be running together and that the committee’s terms of office would be ceasing with immediate effect.  I am sure that you will join with me to thank the FROGS committee members for their hard work, dedication and commitment to fundraising and fun-providing over the years since FROGS was formed.  

Does this mean the end of the Friends and Relations of Greenfields School?  By no means! Please be assured that community events will be continuing to raise money for the Inspiration Fund with fun and exciting events: your support will be valued and welcomed, so please keep your eye out for future events under the FROGS banner!