Wowtastic Wow Days

On the first day of each term, each class has a WOW day to kick off their new topic. Therefore, there were lots of fun things going on across school last Thursday! See below some of the highlights.

Dino Day in Reception

On Thursday when Dragonflies and Busy Bees arrived at school, there were HUGE dinosaur footprints on their pathway up to school. Then when they got into school they could see their class dinosaurs holding a letter which told them that dinosaurs had invaded the school! The classrooms were filled with dinosaur activities and they were all so excited to get stuck in being a dinosaur investigator.

The children went on a dinosaur hunt, looked for fossils and made their own fossils using salt dough, chalked dinosaurs, learnt new dino facts and even measured dinosaurs outside using metre sticks. They were impressed to find out that a T-Rex was larger than a double decker bus!

Reception loved learning all about dinosaurs on WOW day and can’t wait to carry on learning about their new topic, ‘Brilliant Bones!’ As well as learning all about Dinosaurs in this topic, they will also be researching the human body. 

Ancient Egypt in Year Two

Year Two kicked off the new term with an incredible WOW Day last Thursday. The children mummified their friend, built pyramids and even became tomb raiders and cracked the hieroglyphic code. Some of the children created some fab home learning projects. Take a look below…