Year 4 Mosque Visit

Year 4 went on their trip to the Masjid Khadijah mosque this week to understand more about the Muslim faith and how their beliefs are practised. The children in Year 4 have been spending their Religious Education lessons learning about the Five Pillars of Islam. The Imam (prayer leader) spoke to the children about the mosque and the routine of how Muslims pray to Allah. The children shared their knowledge from their lessons. We had a tour of the mosque and the children marvelled at the beauty of the building, especially the chandelier. The children were incredibly respectful and polite. Mrs Asumang, Miss Summers, Mrs G, Mrs Knight and Mrs Attley loved hearing the children’s contributions and understanding others beliefs. Oliver said, “it was humongous and could fit 1,300 people in it”. Special mention to Mrs Hicks who clearly does an amazing job of educating the children in their Religious Studies lessons.