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Greenfields Primary School & Nursery

Greenfields Primary School and Nursery stands proud as an oasis in the community where every child has the right to succeed and feel proud of their individual achievements.


Early Years



Ladybirds and Grasshoppers Nursery Lead: Mrs Kirsty Casey                                                                                                
 Ladybirds Nursery Assistants: Mrs Hayley Bayes, Miss Kati Perkis and Miss Olivia Hicks

Reception Teachers and Support Team

Dragonflies: Miss Becca Wood
Busy Bees: Miss Madeline Byrne
Reception Support Staff: Mrs Karen Clarke, Ms Tracey Buckby and Miss Chelsie Brown, Miss Becky Blount

Key Stage One Teachers


Year One

Happy Hyenas: Mrs Danielle Wensley
Terrific Tigers: Miss Abbie Topps

Year Two

Smart Snakes: Miss Sophie Wibberley
Excellent Elephants: Miss Ellie Franklin

Key Stage One Support Team

Mrs Evalina Arhire, Mrs Dot Hale, Miss Samantha Szolga, Mrs Lucia Ali, Miss Wanfor

Lower Key Stage Two Teachers

Year Three

Cheeky Monkeys: Miss Chloe Owens
Marvellous Meerkats: Mrs Ali

Year Four 

 Remarkable Rhinos: Mr James Thorne                                                                                                         Powerful Panthers:   Mrs Della Mitchell, Mrs Lucy Black                                    

Upper Key Stage Two Teachers

Year Five

 Super Sharks: Mrs Berlinda Asumang
 Champion Cheetahs: Miss jennings

Year Six

Proud Lions: Mrs Eve Kenny, Mrs Amelia Holdcroftl
Soaring Eagles:  Mr Tony Hughes

KS2 Support Team

Mr  Aiden Bailey, Mrs  Lorraine Pope, Mrs Thuraya Abdul- Fattah, Mrs Manal Hussain, Mrs Foster. Mrs Darka Baric,  Mrs Jayne Hicks