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Greenfields Primary School & Nursery

Greenfields Primary School and Nursery stands proud as an oasis in the community where every child has the right to succeed and feel proud of their individual achievements.


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  • Friday 13 May 2022 Reception A summery of what The Reception Class have been up to.
  • Friday 13 May 2022 Ribbons in Nursery The children in Ladybirds have loved using the ribbons this week to develop their gross motor skills and exploring positional language - around, up and over.
  • Friday 13 May 2022 Half and Half This week in Maths the children have been learning to half numbers 1-10. They have been identifying which ones can and cannot be done fairly.
  • Friday 13 May 2022 Tennis in Year Two Year Two enjoyed practicing their throwing and catching skills in PE! They worked well in their pairs and gave each other lots of encouragement. We are lucky to follow the Horizon programme that develops children's movement skills right from Nursery into Key Stage One and beyond.
  • Friday 13 May 2022 Year Six Show their Brilliance At Greenfields, the staff are so proud of the amazing Year Six children who have absolutely smashed their SATs assessments this week. They have worked their socks off all week and have impressed the teachers with their incredible determination to succeed, their ambition and their positivity ! The teachers are now looking forward to taking them on a well earned trip to Wicksteed Park next week to reward them for their brilliance, before they get right back on with the business of making sure they are completely 'secondary ready'.
  • Friday 13 May 2022 Sign Language Club This week in BSL club and in Happy Hyenas we have continued learning British Sign Language. We loved British Sign Language Week so much that Mrs Wensley taught us some signs to help us to talk about our feelings. Cbeebies also marked British Sign Language Week with a Bedtime Story from actor Rose Ayling-Ellis. We were all fascinated to listen to Little Bear's story about the struggles of a deaf little bear growing up in a hearing household. We talked about how we could help Little Bear by making sure that our mouth can be seen when we are talking and we are speaking clearly. You can find out about Little Bear's Story by clicking the link below to listen to the story at home. Can bears ski That is the question!
  • Friday 13 May 2022 Dragons and Things The children in Terrific Tigers, Year One, have worked so hard this week, so on Friday they went outside to enjoy some independent learning. It was a sunny day and they took the chalks and some footballs onto the playground to explore. It was fantastic to see the children developing what they have been learning in class. They were solving maths problems, spotting phonics sounds and even drawing a dragons and characters from their English story!
  • Friday 13 May 2022 Year Three Reading and PE Year Three have really enjoyed Talk for Reading this term and have been reading "Leon and the Place Between" written by Angela McAllister and Grahame Baker Smith. The story is set at the circus and is a feast for the imagination. The children wrote a description of the magical “place between” and turned these into doorways. Marvellous Meerkats have also been working very hard during their Athletics session in P.E. They are developing their speed, movement and flexibility techniques.
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  • Friday 6 May 2022 Arty Reception This week as part of their Art topic the children have enjoyed creating their own mono printing art. They have produced some great pieces of art whilst experimenting, exploring, using and refining different artistic effects and techniques.
  • Friday 6 May 2022 Amazing Artwork This week, Year Two have been working on their sketching skills in their Art lessons. They learned about different techniques and how to improve a drawing. As you can see below, the children were drawing great sketches.
  • Friday 6 May 2022 Making A Move In Ladybirds Ladybirds are learning about different habitats on planet Earth. This term they are learning all about dense, tropical jungle environments. They have been learning how to move like the animals who live there do: slithering, crawling, leaping.
  • Friday 6 May 2022 Diverse Kettering Year Three have been learning all about diversity as part of their Geography topic. The children have discussed the diverse communities of Kettering and how those are different to communities in larger cities like London. As a class we thought about how important it is to celebrate this. The children shared their experiences of their different cultures and heritages and celebrated what makes us all so different and special. The children selected key words and shared what each word meant to them. #Greenfieldslovesdiversity
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  • Friday 29 April 2022 Busy Bees Farm Trip On Friday, the children in Busy Bees had a great time at the DRET farm. It was lovely to see the children have the opportunity to hold rabbits, guinea pigs, feed goats, pigs and lambs. They even had chance to collect some fresh eggs to make eggy bread yum. We are so lucky to have a farm just for our schools!
  • Friday 29 April 2022 How Tall? This week Terrific Tigers had a very fun science lesson. Their new topic is all about plants and our challenge was to see who could build the longest stem in 10 minutes using just paper and masking tape! The children showed fantastic team work as they shared ideas and worked together. It was lovey to see the different structures, some rolled the paper and some scrunched it. The tallest one was so tall they had to stand on a chair to complete it. Amazing work Tigers!
  • Friday 29 April 2022 Goalball On Tuesday Brandonlee, Kieran and Ethan all took part in a Goalball competition. Unfortunately, the trio were not victorious. However, they did very well considering it was the first time any of them had played Goalball! Goalball is a very tricky sport played in the Paralympics for the visually impaired. This meant the children had to wear a blindfold for the duration of the competition and would need to listen out for the ball (which had a bell in it). This made for some very exciting and funny moments. All the boys had a lot of fun and did the school proud. Well done boys!
  • Friday 29 April 2022 Book and Biscuit is Back! The very popular Book and Biscuit on Thursday morning is now back on. Mrs Appleby was impressed by how many parents came to enjoy reading to their child whilst the children had a nice biscuit. Please join us on any and every Thursday to take part with your child.
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  • Friday 22 April 2022 Super Wow Day for Sharks Super Sharks had a fabulous ‘Wow Day’ learning about Vikings and shadows.
  • Friday 22 April 2022 Egypt in Year Two Year Two kick started their new History topic of Egypt on Wow day this week by sharing their amazing home learning projects! They also had a go at writing in hieroglyphics! They can’t wait to find out more!
  • Friday 22 April 2022 WOW Day In Year Four Year Four kicked off their learning for the summer term through a series of activities linked to the topics they will be studying in science, reading and Latin. For reading, they began to explore the wide variety of beetles that can be found across the world, where they began to discuss the similarities, differences and beautiful patterns that many beetles have. They were then able to use natural resources (such as leaves, twigs, etc) to create a model of their favourite beetle, before adding colour and detail to resemble that of their chosen beetle. We cannot wait to get stuck into 'The Beetle Collectors Handbook' and continue reading our class novel, 'Beetle Boy', both of which have been written by M.G. Leonard. In science, we will be studying ecology and classification, so the children had a go at creating their own mini terrariums suitable for small bugs, insects and spiders. Following this, we embarked on a mini beast hunt to collect residents for our terrariums, which we will for
  • Friday 22 April 2022 Virtual Visits Year Three kicked off their Geography topic on Wow Day with a pretend trip to London touring all the sights. They also created tissue paper bunting, wrote acrostic poems, shared stories about visits and researched some famous landmarks. Year Three also had a super morning on Thursday celebrating the Queen’s 96th birthday. They went outside to celebrate with cupcakes and sang her 'Happy Birthday'. The group hope you had a great birthday Queen Elizabeth! Year Three are learning all about London and the Royal Family as part of our Core Knowledge Curriculum.
  • Friday 22 April 2022 Ladybirds Create.....
  • Friday 22 April 2022 London is Calling Reception have kicked off their new topic by learning all about London this week. The children have been focusing on learning about the capital city, looking at the landmarks, designing new landmarks, learning the Union Jack flag and also researching the Prime Minister's job role (not the news or politics!). What a super busy first week back! The group can’t wait to deepen their knowledge throughout the rest of this term.
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  • Friday 1 April 2022 Good fun at Govilion This week, Year 3 and 4 children were able to experience their very first residential at the Govilon Activity Centre in Abergavenny, Wales. The children took part in a variety of activities with the aim of developing their team work, confidence and resilience when approaching challenges. On day 1, they were able to visit the Big Pit Museum, venture deep into the mines and explore the local mining history of Wales. In addition to this, the children took part in a night walk around the local village where they relied upon a variety of senses to find their way back to the Govilon Activity Centre. On day two, they took part in a Gorge Walking experience, where children were able to climb a local mountain, walk under waterfalls and slide across rocks in the gorge (this was lots of fun!) On the final day, they went on a hill walk where they were able to see some marvelous views (they even sung happy birthday to Mrs Appleby, all the way from Wales!) What did the students think “It was i
  • Friday 1 April 2022 Art and DT day in Super Sharks Super Sharks had a DT day on Wednesday. We made ‘Gears and pulleys'
  • Friday 1 April 2022 Greek Gods in Year Three Whilst some of the Year Three children enjoy the glorious Govilon trip to Wales the remaining children have had lots of fun in class. Year Three created ancient Greek pottery using clay. Did you know The Greeks used pots filled with olive oil as prizes for the Games at Athens
  • Friday 1 April 2022 Science Fair at Greenfields Last Friday, Greenfields invited parents into school for the first time since the pandemic struck. It was lovely to see the excited children telling parents about the brilliant projects they had produced. Thank you to the parents who were able to make it, who supported the hole learning projects, and a special thank you to the children who were so proud of their work!
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