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Greenfields Primary School & Nursery

Greenfields Primary School and Nursery stands proud as an oasis in the community where every child has the right to succeed and feel proud of their individual achievements.


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  • Friday 27 November 2020 Newsletter 27th November 2020 The thumbnail has been assigned to the news item, and for convenience also added to the body here:
  • Friday 27 November 2020 Year 1 Are On The Moon Year 1 was set homework that was to find out about Neil Armstrong. The teachers were so impressed at the effort the children put into their research and presentations! John sent a video of him reading his handmade book about Neil Armstrong and Antoni even made a space helmet to go with his research! Well done Year 1!
  • Friday 27 November 2020 Small or Large Bees This week Busy Bees have been continuing to explore the artist Jackson Pollock they have been creating on different scales from small, medium, big to large. Using paper, blackboard, felt tip pens, pencil, chalk and paint in our creations. We have explored using different patterns and ways of mark making. They did a fantastic job.
  • Friday 27 November 2020 Dragonflies Learn About Health Dragonflies really enjoyed meeting Harold and Pamela from Life Education. They learnt about keeping their body healthy by eating their 5 fruit and vegetables a day, drinking water and keeping clean and exercising regularly. Dragonflies had an amazing time can’t wait to see Harold again!
  • Friday 27 November 2020 Storytelling in Reception Dragonflies have enjoyed storytelling this week . They have used puppets to tell stories and have drawn their own story maps. What great storytellers you all are.
  • Friday 27 November 2020 Are Year Six Resistant to Water? This week Year Six have been exploring water resistance in science, In these photos they are are exploring shapes that travel slowly and quickly through water.
  • Friday 27 November 2020 Freeze Frame This week in Year Six the classes have been planning their own innovations of their class story. They loved using drama to freeze frame all of their amazing ideas ideas.
  • Friday 27 November 2020 Act it Out! This week, in English, Marvellous Meerkats have spent some time identifying and exploring some of the key vocabulary in our new Talk 4 Writing text, Mr Big. To help them remember the definitions of some of these new words, they worked in small groups to think of actions that they could learn, which they then shared with the rest of the class. It was great to see the children working well as a team whilst putting 100% into their learning.
  • Friday 27 November 2020 Meerkats Love Singing! This week, Marvellous Meerkats have enjoyed a bit of nostalgia by listening to some of the wonderful Virtual Singing Assembly videos that were put together by The Voices Foundation earlier this year. The children loved this as evidenced by the amazing level of enthusiasm they've shown whilst singing. If you would like to enjoy some singing with your child at home, please click on the button below.
  • Friday 20 November 2020 Dragonflies Explore Space Dragonflies have enjoyed exploring their space topic . They have made and painted planets, built rockets and space buggies. They have written about what they might take to space and used rockets in their maths lessons. What super learning, Dragonflies!
  • Friday 20 November 2020 Spanish Meerkats This term, Marvellous Meerkats have been enjoying building on their Spanish speaking skills. To help them, they have relied on the use of educational technology, namely Chatterpix. This is a great piece of technology that makes learning super fun and can be used to support children's learning inside and outside of the classroom. Have a look at some of our pupils' creations during their Spanish lessons by viewing our class by clicking on the button below.
  • Friday 20 November 2020 Super Maths in Busy Bees This week in Busy Bees the children have been learning about adding two amounts together linked with the topic of 'Whatever Next', using bears in rockets to work out their answers for completing a calculation. They have done really well in learning this concept in maths. Super Maths, Busy Bees.
  • Friday 20 November 2020 Two by Two Year Two have been learning how to divide by 2 this week. They answered word problems all about sharing sweets, so they decided to share real sweets to help them!
  • Friday 20 November 2020 Live Learning in Year 4/5
  • Friday 20 November 2020 "Earth to Reception" This week Reception have learnt about planets and the solar system, They have been designing their very own paper mache solar system. They look fantastic.
  • Friday 20 November 2020 Food, Glorious Food On Children in Need day, Year 3 were learning how to make healthy cereal bars. We spoke about the importance of eating healthy so that we can learn the best we can.
  • Friday 20 November 2020 Super Scientist in Meerkats! This week, our Super Scientist is the wonderful Grace. She has really impressed us with her super scientific thinking, teamwork and incredible questioning of key scientific ideas.
  • Friday 20 November 2020 Newsletter 20th November 2020 The thumbnail has been assigned to the news item, and for convenience also added to the body here:
  • Friday 20 November 2020 Autumn Colours In Year Two, Excellent Elephants have been loving this week’s science lesson! They discovered why some trees change colour and then collected as many different colour leaves as they could.
  • Friday 13 November 2020 Newsletter 13th November 2020 The thumbnail has been assigned to the news item, and for convenience also added to the body here:
  • Friday 13 November 2020 Fundraising for Children in Need Greenfields Primary School and Nursery are always proud fund raisers and today is no exception. Our brilliant students and parents have raised a fantastic £330.30 for Children in Need! Thank you all for this amazing amount of money!
  • Friday 13 November 2020 Ladybirds Learning New Skills In Ladybirds' Two Year-Old Room, the younger children have mastered getting their coats on all by themselves!
  • Friday 13 November 2020 Ladybirds Learning New Skills In Ladybirds' Two Year-Old Room, the younger children have mastered getting their coats on all by themselves!
  • Friday 13 November 2020 Shakespeare in Year 5 Prince Hamlet looks to avenge his father’s death by killing Claudius.....will he do it?
  • Friday 13 November 2020 Busy Throwing Paint This week in class, Busy Bees have been exploring the work of Jackson Pollock. They learned that he often worked on canvases on the floor, dripping paint onto them (this is called action painting as he moved very quickly). Sometimes he threw paint at the canvas too. The children used a range of tools to create different marks. During the activity the class showed great focus and ability to share the resources. Great exploring and experimenting with paint Busy Bees.
  • Friday 13 November 2020 Newton Gravitates to Year Six Year 6 were stunned and amazed learning about gravity this week! From their investigations and research, they learnt that gravity exerts the same force on ANY object regardless of mass or size. They found it fascinating and flabbergasting that a full bottle of water and an empty bottle of water take the same amount of time to reach the ground when dropped!!
  • Friday 13 November 2020 Happy Hyenas Planetarium In Happy Hyenas, the class have been enjoying learning all about Astronomy. They have been using the space station role play area and creating their own constellation pictures! They have also created a big classroom display to help them memorise the order of the 8 planets.
  • Friday 13 November 2020 CSI Year 6 Year Six were disgusted to arrive in school last Tuesday to find a mess on the playground. Something or someone had turned the Year 6 playground upside down. They investigated carefully, ruled out many suspects and eventually discovered that a family of foxes had been scrummaging desperately for food! This provided them with the perfect hook, ready for their story writing unit ‘LittLe Vixen Street’ which is all about foxes.
  • Friday 13 November 2020 Dragonflies Remember Today Dragonflies have been learning about Remembrance Day. They watched a video explaining all about how people and animals lost their lives in different wars and they also had a school assembly. They then made some beautiful poppies.
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