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Greenfields Primary School & Nursery

Greenfields Primary School and Nursery stands proud as an oasis in the community where every child has the right to succeed and feel proud of their individual achievements.


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  • Friday 16 February 2024 Independence ….. you 'batter' believe it! This week Year Six combined Pancake Day and the characteristics’ unit on independence to whip up lots of delicious pancakes.
  • Friday 16 February 2024 Panthers on a Secret Mission
  • Friday 16 February 2024 Fun at Irchester Country Park This week Reception went to Irchester Country Park on the school mini bus. They were very excited as we were hoping to find some skeleton bones and they did. They then talked about what they could recall from their learning this term. Everyone has had a great time this term, even if some days were muddier than others!
  • Friday 16 February 2024 R.E Visit and using the school Chrome Books - all in a week's work for Year One! Year One have had a busy week before the half term break. They went on a local trip to the mosque for RE, where they got to see how Muslims pray and show respect. The children had lots of questions and positive things to say. They also had a fun day learning all about technology and IT. This was the first time Year One had used Chromebooks in school and they loved it! From learning to use a mouse and keyboard to drawing on Paint, they explored new skills with enthusiasm. It was a fantastic end to this term, filled with learning and discovery.
  • Friday 16 February 2024 Musicians in Cheeky Monkeys Every Thursday Cheeky Monkeys have been enjoying their strings lessons with our amazing violin teachers! This week they showed off their amazing playing skills using their bows. 'Aico' is their new piece of vocabulary for this week.
  • Friday 16 February 2024 Congratulations Year Five and Six! Congratulations to the twelve students who represented the school in Cross Country on Monday afternoon. Raffy from Super Sharks walked away with a silver medal after coming second in the upper KS2 race?? In the headteacher assembly, they described the race as 'stressful', 'muddy','breath-taking' and most of all, 'fun'!
  • Friday 16 February 2024 Newsletter 16th February 2024 The thumbnail has been assigned to the news item, and for convenience also added to the body here:
  • Friday 9 February 2024 Dinosaur Eggs This week in Nursery, Ladybirds class children have been palaeontologists and found some eggs. Using hammers to smash the eggs open they found baby dinosaurs inside! A baby T-Rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops was identified. Well done Ladybirds!
  • Friday 9 February 2024 Sensory Learning in Year One Year One were excited for a sensory activity this week! They plunged their hand into mud (for touch), sniffed coffee (for smell), donned ear defenders (for hearing), peered through colourful cellophane (for sight), and tasted a fruity feast. Learning about senses made science come alive in the classroom!
  • Friday 9 February 2024 Wicksteed Trip Some of our Key Stage One children had a trip to Wicksteed Park. The children really enjoyed playing on the equipment, exploring the environment around them and were very excited to travel on the journey there and back on the school mini bus.
  • Friday 9 February 2024 Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) This week in Reception the children have continued their learning of Chinese (Lunar) New Year and got to enjoy making and tasting sweet and sour noodles. Most of the children seemed to enjoy the noodles, giving them a thumbs up. Chinese (Lunar) New Year 2024 is a Year of the Dragon, more specifically, Wood Dragon, starting from February 10th, 2024, and lasting until January 28th, 2025.
  • Friday 9 February 2024 Tackling Climate Change in Year Three In Talk for Reading this term Year Three have been focusing on the topic ‘Our Environment’. The children looked at two texts, The Promise and The Story of Greta Thunberg. Taking inspiration from Greta and the way she used her voice along with thousands of other children, Cheeky Monkeys and Marvellous Meerkats protested their love for our world and the call to slow down climate change. The children discussed the impact this has on our planet and how it will impact their future. After discussing many ways that they could help, many of the children used their voice to express how their voice matters. The children wanted to remind the world, there is no planet
  • Friday 9 February 2024 Stone Age Experiences The children in Year Two had a fantastic time visiting Irchester Country Park for a Stone Age experience day. They pretended they were Stone Age people for the day and had a go at fire lighting, den building, using bow and arrows and Stone Age arts and crafts. They really impressed the rangers with their knowledge of the Stone Age! Visits like this are a great way of building up children's knowledge of how to think like historians using evidence.
  • Friday 9 February 2024 Mental Health Week We have loved Children's Mental Health Week. Here are Panthers dressed to express and enjoying their behaviour reward winning treats!
  • Friday 9 February 2024 Newsletter 9th February 2024 The thumbnail has been assigned to the news item, and for convenience also added to the body here:
  • Friday 2 February 2024 'My Body' in Reception This week the children have been exploring the different senses as part of their topic My Body. They were a little unsure when using their taste sense when fruit tasting.
  • Friday 2 February 2024 Teamwork in Year One For PSHE this week, Year One teamed up to learn about achieving goals together. Armed with creativity and teamwork they came up with some welly boot designs, proving that communication is the key to success!
  • Friday 2 February 2024 Seasons in Ladybirds This week in Ladybirds the children have been learning about the different seasons. They have learnt that in winter it's cold and there's no leaves on the trees. In spring there's flowers on the trees. In summer, the leaves are back on the trees, and in autumn the leaves fall off the trees.
  • Friday 2 February 2024 Reading books in Year Four
  • Friday 2 February 2024 Why is my water fizzy? In Science this week Year Four have been finding proof that there is carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks. They have also been conducting fair tests to find out which fizzy drink contained the most carbon dioxide. Here we are investigating!
  • Friday 2 February 2024 'Order, order!' As part of their Talk for Reading this week the children in Cheeky Monkey’s participated in their very own Parliament session. The children worked in small groups to debate what the government can do to help stop Climate Change. After this, the children came up with questions that they want to ask Rishi Sunak in regard to how he is going to make a difference to the world.
  • Friday 2 February 2024 Year Six Visit Duxford Museum
  • Friday 2 February 2024 Newsletter 2nd February 2024 The thumbnail has been assigned to the news item, and for convenience also added to the body here:
  • Friday 26 January 2024 Golly Gosh a Cello! This week in Year Six the children listened to some cello music. This got them into the role of Charles from Rooftoppers as they were tasked to write a diary entry from his perspective.
  • Friday 26 January 2024 Year Two Stitch it up! In their Art lessons, Year Two have been learning how to sew. This week we learnt the running stitch and the cross stitch. All of the children worked extremely hard and were very resilient even if they found it a little bit tricky. We were very impressed and it seems we might have some talented sewers on our hands!
  • Friday 26 January 2024 Cooking club is 'grate'! Cooking club has welcomed a new 'batch' of bakers. This week we made delicious cheese puffs. Just look at the concentration on Charlotte's face. ????
  • Friday 26 January 2024 Keeping Safe This week Upper Key Stage Two welcomed the safer communities' team from Northamptonshire County Council. Children took part in a workshop based on knife crime where they looked at decision making and risk. All children were awarded a certificate for their part in keeping our communities safe.
  • Friday 26 January 2024 Geographic Walkabout Year Three adventured out to the church this week. They were super lucky to get to explore the whole of St Peter and St Paul's church in Kettering. On their walk to the church the children also discussed what they could see in the local area and if this linked to our learning in Geography.
  • Friday 26 January 2024 Sand Cakes to Yummy Cakes Following the children's interest in cake making in the outside sand area they have had the opportunity to make real cakes. They washed their hands, before following a recipe, measuring the ingredients, mixing it and then placing the mixture into the cases, before cooking them in the oven. Delicious!
  • Friday 26 January 2024 Dinosaurs in Ladybirds This week in Ladybirds the children have been creating dinosaur collages. They have been using scissors safely to cut the collage material up. Once the materials have been cut up, they then stuck the pieces onto the dinosaur outline. This week they have created a Plesiosaurus, Stegosaurus, and a Pterodactyl.
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