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Greenfields Primary School & Nursery

Greenfields Primary School and Nursery stands proud as an oasis in the community where every child has the right to succeed and feel proud of their individual achievements.


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  • Friday 26 November 2021 newsletter 26th November 2021 The thumbnail has been assigned to the news item, and for convenience also added to the body here:
  • Tuesday 23 November 2021 Odd Socks Day Year Three really enjoyed Odd Socks Day that we kicked off Anti-Bullying Week 2021 with! They engaged with the assembly and shared ideas about what to do if you suspect bullying. They all loved wearing mismatched socks and their discussions showed how thoughtful and mature they are.
  • Friday 19 November 2021 Detectives in the school On Tuesday Year Six came into school to discover an awful mess outside their classrooms. The site supervisor, Brian, was ‘furious ‘and thought the children had done it. Fortunately, after some thorough investigations and the studying of CCTV footage Year Six was able to prove that the mess was caused by some foxes who had snuck in over night. The children forgave Brian for his ‘false allegations’ and the team of detectives are now all really excited about the new text which is about foxes rummaging for food.
  • Friday 19 November 2021 Ladybirds on tour The Nursery have been making their own vehicles using junk modelling materials and using role play to go on journeys together. The children really enjoyed their imaginary journeys.
  • Friday 19 November 2021 Two by Two
  • Friday 19 November 2021 Magical Forest Forest School Club had a great time this week making magic portions! They used a range of magical materials and found objects from the woods and mixed all the ingredients with sticks. The children loved making the potions and sprinkling the mixtures all over the woods.
  • Friday 19 November 2021 Can you hear me? This week, in science, Year Four have been learning about how sound waves travel. They learnt that sound waves travel through solids, liquids and gases and that sound travels much more slowly than light. During this lesson, the children got the chance to work in small groups to create a string telephone to investigate how sound travels through a solid.
  • Friday 19 November 2021 We're going to the Zoo Year Two had a great time at Twycross Zoo last week. The children found lots of different animals and learnt lots of amazing new facts to deepen their learning in science.
  • Friday 19 November 2021 Let's Chill Let’s Chill club have been having amazing fun on Tuesday evenings. They have been dancing, coloring and creating loom bands. The group have also been doing some mindfulness and yoga to help them feel calm and relaxed.
  • Friday 19 November 2021 Children in Need: Greenfields' style You may be aware that today is Children in Need day. Mrs Appleby and the staff of Greenfields school asked the children and parents to take part by dressing in spotty clothes for the occasion. Greenfields parents, children and staff, you did not disappoint! I can reveal that the total raised at school was a whopping £380.45!!( and rising). Thank you to all that took part in this truly outstanding cause. If you would still like to donate, please use this link to visit our Children in Need Just Giving page.
  • Friday 19 November 2021 Newsletter 19th November 2021 The thumbnail has been assigned to the news item, and for convenience also added to the body here:
  • Friday 12 November 2021 Greenfields go to the Film Festival Year Three and Four enjoyed a lovely afternoon at Odeon Cinema, Kettering, on Thursday. There were lots of laughs and treats during this exciting and free trip to the cinema. They would like to say a special thanks to the 'Into Film' Festival, who organised this free opportunity to get the children interested in film and the film making process.
  • Friday 12 November 2021 Marvellous Vocabulary Marvellous Meerkats have been busy exploring a range of new vocabulary from their model text 'The Mad Scientist'. They used actions and emotions to express their new vocabulary and deepen their learning.
  • Friday 12 November 2021 Billy Goats Alien This week in Year One aliens had taken over our playground. The children then discovered that the aliens had taken over the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and turned it in to the story of the Three Little Aliens! Year One found all of the aliens in the playground and readjusted their map to tell the story of the Three Little Aliens. The class even created a song and a dance about their new story.
  • Friday 12 November 2021 Excellent English In English, Excellent Elephants had a fun hook day! They explored clues about a 'Storm Unicorn' and they can’t wait to learn facts about this interesting mythical creature.
  • Friday 12 November 2021 Wow Day, Year Five Style Last week in Year Five, as part of their WOW day, the children made and erupted their own volcanoes. The volcano was made using a 500 ml bottle, some newspaper, and masking tape. It was then given a coat of paint! For the eruption they simply placed washing up liquid, food colouring and bicarbonate of soda into the bottle, then added vinegar! Why not have a go at home?
  • Friday 12 November 2021 Shoebox Appeal Wow! Our children and families have been so generous supporting this year’s shoebox appeal with Blythswood Care. These boxes will go to children and adults in Serbia. Thank you to everyone who brought a shoebox into school - your donation will definitely make a difference to someone's Christmas.
  • Friday 12 November 2021 Remembrance Day
  • Friday 12 November 2021 Newsletter 12th November 2021 The thumbnail has been assigned to the news item, and for convenience also added to the body here:
  • Friday 5 November 2021 Space Walking This week in their Talk for Reading lessons, Year One heard the story of the 'Man on the Moon (A Day in the Life of Bob)' by Simon Bartram. They loved hearing about Bob's job as an astronaut and spotted all the cheeky aliens hiding in the story. There were lots of them and they were very sneaky! The children used a Virtual Reality (VR) headset to explore the International Space Station and listened to astronaut, Tim Peake, tell them about how it works. They also used a virtual reality tablet to go on a space walk outside the shuttle. They saw the stars, the sun and Earth below their feet! It made the class chuckle when they let go on the Space Shuttle and floated around in space but some children got a little scared when they got too near the sun! Aaron was so inspired by our story that he built his own space rocket!
  • Friday 5 November 2021 Diwali Art This week Year One learned all about Diwali celebrations. They heard the story of Diwali with Sita and Rama and created their own chalk Rangoli patterns on the playground. Sahibdeep, one of the pupils in the class told the rest of the group about how his family celebrate Diwali and the children created their own henna patterns to decorate the classroom.
  • Friday 5 November 2021 Outward Bound Adventures The first week of the half term was an adventurous one for a lucky group of Year Five and Six children. They visited the Outward Bound Centre (OWB), which is set on the shores of Ullswater in the Lake District – five hours away by coach! Working in groups with the OWB expert instructors, the children climbed to the top of fells (small mountains) around the lakeside, canoed across the lake, climbed up waterfalls, swam in the wild waters of the lake (sometimes even by moonlight!) and became more and more resilient and adventurous as the week went on. The focus of the week was the Generation Green programme that aims to provide young people with a connection to nature and help them to think more about the natural world. A huge ‘thank you’ to Mrs Appleby, Mrs Tyrrell-Smith and Miss Kenny for taking the children during their half term holiday!
  • Friday 5 November 2021 Mr President During Black History Month, Marvellous Meerkats have been exploring the life and presidential achievements of President Barack Obama. The Year Three children worked hard to gather interesting facts for their non-fiction report.
  • Friday 5 November 2021 Autumn Art In the Two-Year Olds' Room the children have been exploring Autumn. Rummaging through other leaves in the garden, they have explored the textures of pine cones, carved into pumpkins, as well as creating their own spooky spider and pumpkin art.
  • Friday 5 November 2021 Happy Diwali The children in ‘Let’s Chill!’ Club have loved creating Diwali Rangoli patterns this week in their club. They looked at the Diwali festival, celebrated across the world, and created their own designs on the playground. Happy Diwali everyone!
  • Friday 5 November 2021 Newsletter 5th November 2021 The thumbnail has been assigned to the news item, and for convenience also added to the body here:
  • Friday 5 November 2021 Congratulations Ladybirds! You might remember that in 2019, Greenfields Primary School won the prestigious Northampton Education Award for 'Primary School of the Year'. This year we are delighted that our Greenfields Nursery been nominated for 'Nursery of the Year' at this year's Northampton Education Awards, and the Nursery has been shortlisted for the final!
  • Friday 15 October 2021 Harvest Festival After assembly with some lovely visitors last week, the children in Year One had a lot of questions about Harvest Festival. They all did a fantastic job bringing in food for the food bank donations and the year group explored where food comes from during their independent learning time this week. They used the tractors to harvest all the crops in the farm tuff spot to make sure they all got to the shops on time for everyone to eat throughout the winter. Great job Year One!
  • Friday 15 October 2021 Water Safety Champion Cheetahs also had their last session at Thrapston pool this week. Their last session was somewhat different to their previous sessions. They spent the lesson learning what to do should they ever find themselves in water while out and about. They even learnt how to rescue someone using their clothing (Yes - they still had swimming costumes on!).
  • Friday 15 October 2021 Football Partnerships Greenfields are very excited to be able to work with Northampton Town Football Club this year! Mrs Appleby, Miss Bayes and the Sports Captains met with Damon from the community trust to receive our Partnership Plaque! The staff are looking forward to the exciting opportunities for our children!
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