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Greenfields Primary School & Nursery

Greenfields Primary School and Nursery stands proud as an oasis in the community where every child has the right to succeed and feel proud of their individual achievements.

Funny Faces

During Monday's science lesson, Year Four studied the muscles of facial expression in detail. These muscles are an example of voluntary muscles because people have conscious control over them, meaning they choose to use them or not. The children learnt that there are a number of different muscles in their face that are responsible for forming different facial expressions. For example, contraction of the nasalis muscle can cause our nostrils to flare (try it!). In order to help remember the different muscles of facial expression and their function, the children practiced forming funny facial expressions with their partner, where they took photographs on the iPads, and also spoke about the different muscles behind the expression. This was a fun and relatable learning activity which will help make their learning more memorable and support the easier recall of knowledge.