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Greenfields Primary School & Nursery

Greenfields Primary School and Nursery stands proud as an oasis in the community where every child has the right to succeed and feel proud of their individual achievements.

Good fun at Govilion

This week, Year 3 and 4 children were able to experience their very first residential at the Govilon Activity Centre in Abergavenny, Wales. The children took part in a variety of activities with the aim of developing their team work, confidence and resilience when approaching challenges. On day 1, they were able to visit the Big Pit Museum, venture deep into the mines and explore the local mining history of Wales. In addition to this, the children took part in a night walk around the local village where they relied upon a variety of senses to find their way back to the Govilon Activity Centre. On day two, they took part in a Gorge Walking experience, where children were able to climb a local mountain, walk under waterfalls and slide across rocks in the gorge (this was lots of fun!) On the final day, they went on a hill walk where they were able to see some marvelous views (they even sung happy birthday to Mrs Appleby, all the way from Wales!) What did the students think? “It was incredible because we went Gorge Walking and I loved climbing the mountain!” (David, Year 3). “I loved going down to the mine because we got to learn all about coal” (Ellie, Year 4). “I thought it was cool that I could sleep in a bunk bed with my friends and go into a mine” (Toby, Year 3). “I never want to leave this place!” (Gabriel, Year 3).“My favorite part was today, when we climbed the mountain because I got to experience things that I had never done before" (Faith, Year 4) “I enjoyed getting away and doing something new. The waterfall was freezing!” (James, Year 4). “I really liked the activities. They were really fun. I really hope I can visit again next year” (Meida, Year 3). “I had a very good time but it was also hard. I think I did a good though” (Teddy, Year 4).

Mr Leach, Mr Thorne, Ms White and Mrs Baker are all incredibly proud of how hard the children worked - they demonstrated an amazing attitude to challenge and remained super resilient. They truly are #outstanding.