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Greenfields Primary School & Nursery

Greenfields Primary School and Nursery stands proud as an oasis in the community where every child has the right to succeed and feel proud of their individual achievements.

The Brilliant Club

Twelve of Greenfields’ talented Year 6 children are currently taking part in live philosophical discussions, led by a PhD scholar, Amy, from the University of Leicester. The children are attending seminars via Teams each week and completing written discussions as extra homework. They are working towards graduating by writing 1,000 word philosophical essay about fairness. This is part of a scheme run by The Brilliant Club, which is a national charity that supports children from all backgrounds to go to top universities. For more information please visit:

You will remember that Greenfields have a great history of winning DRET debating competitions and this group are already thoughtful and persuasive in their arguments. This week, they have been thinking about fairness as inequality and answering questions like ‘What is the difference between needing and deserving?’, ’How do we decide who get what and who deserves what?’ ‘What could happen if we get that wrong and someone who needs something, doesn't get it?’. They questioned if it is fair for everyone to always have the same, or should things be distributed according to deservedness.

There was a lively debate too that considered:-

  • whether children need free medicine more than adults
  • whether doctors deserve better pay than nurses (and you learnt the term 'emotional labour' and you thought about 'risk' too)
  • whether male footballers deserve to be paid more than female footballers

We cannot wait to publish a selection of the children’s final essays in the Greenfields Newsletter watch this space!